We understand the frustration of design and marketing and set out to create a service that is simple and stress-free so you can focus on your mission.

Many busy entrepreneurs understand the importance of design and marketing, but since its not their expertise,  the whole process can seem daunting, expensive, and uncertain, which can lead to much  frustration and distract from their original mission. We’ve been through this ourselves so we set out to  provide design and marketing services that is world-class in quality and stress-free, so busy entrepreneurs like you can focus on fulfilling your mission. 

Our Story

A letter from our founder.

Warm Greetings,

I hope to find you well and safe and thank you for visiting us!

My name is Lam Nguyen and I founded Polaris Image Company along with my co-founder Ross Bennett in 2016. With more than 20 years of combined experience in brand development, digital marketing, and information technology, we set out to simplify and create the best possible brand development services.

Together, we’ve experienced the good and bad of the current paradigm and set out to develop our own brand development process that is quality and stress-free.  With that commitment, we built a world-class team of experts and artists around the world, who believe in quality over quantity, and the importance of a stress-free process for our clients.

I, together with you and all of us here at Polaris, are experiencing this turbulent and uncertain time together. We grieve with our fellow Americans for our incalculable loss due to COVID-19, and heard the rallying cry of our Black American countrymen, along with all oppressed people around the world, in their fight for justice, equality, and freedom. We believe that Black Lives Matter, and we stand in solidarity to fight for justice and end to police brutality. 

I am grateful for our team of professionals who consistently go above and beyond for our clients, always with a giving attitude and utmost care; and of course, our clients,  for trusting us with your livelihood and believing in our mission. 

Thank you for your time and attention. I wish you health and success and I hope for the opportunity to help you achieve your vision. 

With love and consideration.

– Lam 

Our Philosophy

Much like our namesake, we set out to help our clients shine bright and stand out in the endless sea of stars. We believe that having a shining and clear brand identity will serve as the North Star that will guide your business to success. 

We work to provide simple, stress-free, brand development services for busy entrepreneurs who believe in building strong, beloved, and lasting brands. 

We believe that a business’s brand is the most important asset for a healthy and long lasting company. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs opt out of this investment in place of more immediate returns like advertising without first building a firm brand identity foundation. A clear brand identity should come first and it will guide and help in form in advertising and marketing directions.

Once a solid brand foundation is laid, we can begin formulating design and marketing plans that are both aesthetically beautiful , and also authentic and effective. 

Our Capability


We help brand owners clarify, polish, and affirm their brand identity and marketing directions through introspective brand interviews and comprehensive briefings.


We are proud to have diverse and world-class skilled designers from all over the world. Our design process is designed to be completely stress-free for our clients. We stand by that with our Satisfaction guarantee policy: We don't stop until you're happy.


Our full-stack web development service is capable of building complex projects like e-commerce businesses, and even apps. Our development process is stress-free and turnkey. We get it done then hand you the keys.


We believe in an authentic and genuine approach to marketing while utilizing all the tools in the toolbox to automate and optimize the process. This will help to achieve maximum ROI in the short term while building brand equity in the long term.


Our experience in apparel and accessories merchandising will help your brand gain a long-lasting impression from your audience. One simply doesn't throw away a great shirt. We can help your brand set up your own merchandising e-commerce as a new revenue stream with our dropshipping capability. No upfront order needed, we ship as customers purchase them.


We are all artists at heart and we celebrate that at Polaris. We are proud to have a team of talented photographers, videographers, writers, designers from around the country, ready to give your brand the shine it needs and create content that will make customers fall in love with your brand.

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