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Stress-free design and marketing, so you can focus on what matters: Your mission.

Most busy entrepreneurs like you understand how important design and marketing is, but because we’re not all marketing experts,  the whole process can seem daunting, expensive, and uncertain, which can cause much confusion and  frustration that distract from the business mission. We provide design and marketing services that help entrepreneurs build profitable brands that command respect, with a stress-free process so they focus on what matters; their mission and passion.

how we help

Brand Development

Brand Development

A clear and powerful brand identity is essential for long term growth. Our brand development process is designed to dig deep and find your WHY. This introspective process will yield important characteristics that will set your brand apart from your competitors.

Design & Creative

Design And Creative

Once we discover and polish your brand identity, our talented world-class design team will distill the brand identity and vision into aesthetically beautiful, eye catching, and memorable visual assets; such as logo, website, photography, social media content... and more.

Full-Stack Marketing

Full-Stack Marketing

"Build it and they will come" is a myth. No matter how beautiful our website is, without effective marketing, your brand will be lost amongst the noise. Our full-stack marketing expertise enable us to design and execute marketing strategies tailored specifically to your brand identity and desired demographic.

Web Development

Web Development

In the age of digital commerce, a website is your brand's store front and thus an essential asset for your business. Our full-stack web development capability and experience allows us to create websites that accentuates your brand's message and also highly effective in converting potential leads.

Paid Advertising

Content And Advertising

We believe in an authentic, genuine, and focused approach to content creation and advertising. We combine the art of creating engaging content with the science of high performing advertising.



Leave lasting impressions that continue to work for your brand years into the future with our merchandising services. 7-10 days turn around, free replacements for any damages



Ready to launch your new business or give your existing business a fresh start? We will take you from idea to launch in 1 month!
Our Brand Starter Kit gives your business the essential marketing assets needed to get recognized and get more sales.

T Minus 3 Months.

Brand Launch

No matter how good your product or service is, having the right launch strategy can mean the difference between starting with a BANG or a fizzle
First impression matters and people do judge a book by its cover. Our launch plan helps you make the best possible first impression and make those impressions count.

6 Months - 2 Year

Brand Growth

Is your business not growing as fast as you would like? or worse you’ve stopped growing and just treading water? Let us help set your business on a path to sustained growth using innovative marketing strategies and world-class designs.

Customize and build

Brand Development

World-class design capabilities with a brand focused approach.

Not sure what your brand should be? We’ll help you explore, discover, and polish a brand identity that is both profitable and fits your lifestyle and philosophy. 

Our team of designers and artists are extremely diverse, both literally, and artistically, their dedication to their craft ensure they are always on-trend and are flexible enough to adapt to the client’s desired style. 

We are dedicated to crafting a design process that is stress-free for our clients and produces world-class quality.  We are proud to offer Polaris’s Happiness guarantee with unlimited revisions and complete money back no questions asked.

Our full-stack capable web design services enable us to grow with our clients. Starting with a 1-page website to complex web businesses like e-commerce and applications. 

We offer an authentic, genuine, and consistent content strategy, combined with a customer-service focused social media engagement effort that will earn the right clicks and gain the right followers. 

Email is still one of the highest ROI marketing strategies and is essential for any business to have. We help brands harness the power email marketing by building an effective and automated email system and converts while you sleep. 

Whether we like it or not, we live in the age of Google. It’s a verb now. We help brands capture one of the most important marketing touchpoints: when the customers ask for it. 

Our mad Facebook and Google Ads scientists are obsessed with crafting highest possible ROI ad campaign. Seriously, they live, breath, and A/B test.

Arguably THE BEST strategy in our marketing tool kit due to our set-it-and-forget-it automation and longterm consistent returns. 

Best for brands looking to build long-term brand recognition in a given space. We match brands with our network of industry influencers such as bloggers and content producers who command engaging audiences. 

Having a press relationship is essential for brands looking for long term brand awareness. From the media kit included in every one of our Brand Starter Kits, to our Launch and Growth PR strategies, we help brands achieve positive public recognition in the press, both in print and digitally.  

Full- Stack Marketing

Authentic and genuine strategies that engage and convert.

Media Production

talents and skills to turn your vision to life

It’s in our name.  Our company was founded on the belief that the right looks gets you in the right places and set out to help brands get to the right audience with photography. We can help musicians to create memorable album covers, or fashion icons in the final step of realizing their vision; or a stay at home chef create the best selling cookbook and everything in between. 

Our love for photography naturally translates to video production as well. Just in time too, videos are amongst the most consumed and as a consequence, best performing format for content out there. 

From simple slideshow videos to 15 minutes documentary, we help brands tell their story through motion.

Which is more important: the first impression or the last impression? Philosophically, that might be up to debate, but we don’t want to leave it up to chance. In the words of Jeff Bezos: “your brand is what is said of you when you’re not in the room” 

What does your business card, sitting on someone’s desk next to a wastebasket, say about your brand?




What could still gain impression halfway across the globe, years after it’s made, for free? A t-shirt, or a coffee mug. 

Our merchandising service covers everything to apparel, accessories, tech, even customized notebooks! 


Share your vision with us and let's build your brand together

We Have Great Answers

Congratulations on making an important decision to make your vision a reality, we recommend you get started with our Brand Starter Kit. In 1 month, you’ll will have the foundation to launch your venture. 

Need More? 

Depending on your needs, we offer the Launch plan, or a Growth plan. Ranging from 3 months to 2 years,  you will be able to scale as needed. 

Not ready for that big of a commitment? 

Not a  problem! use our services on an a la carte basis as you grow at your own pace.  Our brand experts available to you with advise and recommendations. 

Our Brand Starter Kit allows you to go from idea to launch in just 1 month! 

If you’re looking for a more thorough and robust start, our Launch plan takes 3 months to launch your brand with a BANG.

For established brands looking for a track to sustained, long term growth, our Growth plan starts at 6 months and up to 2 years, clients can choose to renew at that time.

Well, maybe not in your personal life, but when it comes to your brand, we can handle that.

Here’s how we guarantee Happiness:

  • Rigorous initial vision boarding: We take the work of understanding your vision very seriously and our process ensures we see through your eyes. 
  • Lots of choices at first: Our diverse design team will create a multitude of interpretations to help guide you to the right design direction. 
  • Unlimited revisions: Don’t feel bad about not getting it right the first time, we’re here to help you revise as many times as you need, at no charge. 
  • Money Back: We respect your time more than money, if you decide to not complete the project, we will refund you in full , no questions asked.

We strive to help our clients get started as soon as possible with as little upfront costs as possible. You can get started with just 30% deposit and work with us for a payment plan for the remainder.


No. Our strategy works across industries and we work hard to customize and adapt to industries as needed. 

That’s great to hear! We love helping our clients build capable teams that produce results. With our consulting plan, we will build a system from your existing infrastructure, and upgrade gradually, with testing and feedback from your team. We’ll provide full onboarding training for your staff and provide unlimited tech and design support for your team.

We understand and value our customer’s concerns about value return on their investment. Unfortunately, this is a rhetorical question as we cannot guarantee superficial results such as follower count or page likes, any such guarantees, we believe,  promote unethical marketing behaviors. Many such similar claims out there by apps and services are likely scams. 

What we do guarantee is a quantifiable,  sustained, and optimized marketing effort, and measured through meaningful growth metrics such as conversion rates, and engagement rates. We look at the bottomline with you, instead of likes.

We’re glad you’ve had a great experience with us! We value your kind words tremendously and grateful for your referrals.

As a gift to show our gratefulness, we’ll gift you a  $100 gift card for your referrals who successfully sign up! 

Brand leader with a large audience?

We offer an affiliate plan that offers the best values for you and your audience!

Relevant business want to add on our services?

Get set up with our reseller plan, we’ll do all the work, you keep all the profits.



Still have questions?

Schedule a 10 minute call with us and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have!

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