Marketing Case Studies

American Whiskey Convention

The American Whiskey Convention is the largest gathering of all American whiskey makers in North America. This annual event is attended by some of the biggest names in the bourbon and whiskey world, as well as small independent distillers alike.

Founded by CEO Laura Fields to promote and raise awareness of American bourbon and whiskey heritage while pursuing the larger mission of helping American grain farmers who provide the ingredients to whiskey makers all over the country.

The Challenge

AWC was having trouble with selling tickets and needed help to improve the attendance for their annual event. After in-depth research, we determined that this was because they lacked a cohesive digital marketing strategy to build up anticipation and enthusiasm for their upcoming event.

The Solution

Content Marketing

We created a comprehensive content calendar for 3 months leading up to the event. The content is designed to be attractive and engaging to the target demographic. Our aim was to educate the audience and build anticipation to the event. We took advantage of relevant and timely holidays and celebrations to create fun and engaging contests and giveaways. 

Social Media Management

We implemented an intensive engagement strategy across all platforms. Our strategy consists of timely responses to any comments or messages and giving an active voice to the brand, as well as active daily outreach to targeted demographics.  We also encouraged the audience to share our posts, thus gaining additional free organic impressions. 

Press relations

We helped craft the press release and successfully pitched the story to multiple online outlets including Philly Voice, Generosity,, and the leading podcast in the whisky enthusiast community “The Bourbon Daily” 

Influencer marketing

We successfully sourced, on-boarded, and coordinated with multiple leading social media influencers, bloggers, podcasters, and brand partners in the whisky and bourbon enthusiast community to attend the event as well as help us to promote the event. In total, we were able to gain an estimated 150,000 additional impressions on this strategy. 

Video Production

We put together a great video to showcase the success of the event while at the same time offer our client a great asset to advertise for next year’s event. 

The Results

1 %
Increase in reach and impression
1 %
Tickets Sold
Publications featured
1 +
Combined reach from influencers


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Leanna Organics

Leanna Organics offers handmade, organic skincare and self-care products that are infused with pure CBD extracts.  Founded by the husband and wife team from Colorado, their products are made with great care and in small batches. Their mission is to promote the benefits of CBD extracts and offer their customers a truly luxurious, spa-like experience. 

The Challenge

The co-founders have a great product in the fast-growing CBD market. However, they did not know how to market their products and did not have a solid brand foundation and infrastructure. Their website was barebone and basic, and they did not have the right messaging to stand out from their competition and reach the right audience. 

The Solution


We worked closely with the founder to help them discover their WHY and WHO and that into actionable brand messaging. After the brand development workshop, we completely revamped their website to reflect the new messaging and positioning.

Services include: Brand messaging workshop, Web Design, and Copy Writing. 


We helped the client narrow down and determine the ideal targeted demographic for their business. From this information, we designed the most optimal strategy and trained the client on how to implement it effectively.

Strategies includes: Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, Email Automation, Influencer marketing, SEO and blogging. 


Our SEO efforts were successful in getting the client to the front page of Google for their targeted keywords. 


We developed and implemented an influencer marketing system that the client can use to build brand awareness and run cross-promotions with influencers within the health and wellness space. 

The strategy involved partnering with fitness and wellness influencers to run contests and coordinate cross-promotion opportunities. 


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Ebony Suns LLC is a business consultancy founded by Russell Hicks. Their mission is to promote and cultivate green businesses and facilitate a greener future. They consult businesses on how to go green as well as providing training for the green work force. 

The Challenge

The client needed a top to bottom overhaul of their brand identity as well as brand infrastructure to relaunch to a new audience. 

The Solution


We worked closely with the founder to clarify the brand messaging as well as redesign the logo. 


We worked with the founder to redesign the look and presentation of the brand. 


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